Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Hulshof Thanks Steelman; Turns Attention to Nixon

"That's the wrong way, Jay."

Kenny Hulshof begins his victory speech by congratulating Sarah Steelman for the campaign she's run and her public service. He calls her a tenacious campaigner. He says Steelman called him with a gracious concession.

He then immediately turns his attention to Democratic opponent Attorney General Jay Nixon. He coins the phrase, "That's the wrong way, Jay."

The crowd obliges, repeating the slogan.

"Missourians will judge us not on our rhetoric, but on our results," Hulshof says. Adds that he won't measure success based on polls and pundits, but on graduation rates.

Thanks Kit Bond. And local legislators. And also campaign manager John Hancock . . . tells him, "You're the man!"

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