Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bring Back Orville & Ed


The Democratic candidate's first general election ad out of the box hits Congressman Hulshof's Washington record. He spends the first 15-seconds calling Hulshof "part of the problem in Washington." The ad focuses on energy votes/actions and contrasts Nixon's record with Hulshof's.

The pros: It immediately picks up on Sarah Steelman's theme that voters are familiar with. It also focuses on an issue that resonates with everyone: gas prices. Read more HERE about one of the votes Nixon is targeting Hulshof on. Hulshof voted against repealing roughly $18 billion dollars in tax credits for oil companies, back in February. The bill in question would have also extended tax credits for renewable sources.

The cons: This ad certainly isn't as creative as Steelman's spots. It's sort of bland and doesn't jump off the screen at you as anything special, other than a political attack, which some people may be wary of after weeks of seeing the back-and-forth pre-primary.

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