Friday, August 08, 2008

Approval vs. Favorability

Missouri Democratic spokesperson Jack Cardetti said a recent poll given to the KY3 Political Notebook highlighting Gov. Matt Blunt's favorability rating should not be misinterpreted.
Blunt communication staffer Rich Chrismer said Thursday that the Governor's favorability rating sat at 47% at the end of July, according to a poll by American Viewpoint.
But Cardetti pointed out that it's job performance, not favorability ratings that matter. "It's the difference between an approval rating and a favorability rating. People don't dislike Matt Blunt personally," Cardetti said Friday in a brief interview. "They just think he's done a terrible job as Governor. Politicians personal favorability ratings are usually higher than their job approvals," he added.
When I asked Chrismer for Blunt's job approval rating, he said he didn't have that number because that question wasn't included in the survey. "If I had that information I would definitely provide it to you," Chrismer said.

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