Monday, July 07, 2008

Ad Wars: Harris Hits Koster



Airing in St. Louis & Kansas City, NOT Springfield

Harris Campaign Hopes To Raise Money to Begin Ad Campaign in the Ozarks

Koster's ad can be viewed HERE

DONNELLY Campaign Response: "Today the Republican attempt to buy our Democratic primary will begin in earnest in Kansas City and St. Louis. Koster and his expensive team will try to pull the wool over the eyes of voters. He will use his ads to avoid answering for his horrible record by saying that he is above politics. We must remind voters that it isn’t politics to ask him to be accountable for his record, it’s common sense. You don’t get “do-over’s” in politics, especially when we are talking about people’s lives," said Margaret Donnelly spokesperson Daniel Nava.

***ALSO: Rep. William Clay Endorses Koster for A.G.

“Chris Koster is the most prepared Democrat to effectively partner with local law enforcement to keep the streets of our communities safe and to stand up to corporate interests on behalf of the people of St. Louis and the entire state of Missouri as our next Attorney General,” Congressman Clay said.

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yellow dog democrat said...

Clay is such a phony. He defends the rights of voters when it is convenient and endorses a guy who defends the republican view of voter. Keep 'em dumb and don't let 'em vote.

Shame on Clay. He has lost his values and proved he is open for money.