Thursday, May 22, 2008

SurveyUSA: Hulshof 29%, Steelman 25%


A new SurveyUSA poll on the Republican primary for Governor shows Congressman Kenny Hulshof with a slight advantage of State Treasurer Sarah Steelman.

But undecided voters outpoll both of the top candidates.

Kenny Hulshof 29%
Sarah Steelman 25%
Undecided 32%

Scott Long, a teacher from southern Missouri, takes 10% of the vote.

In southwest Missouri, Steelman leads Hulshof by a whopping 34% to 15%. Hulshof's lead among males is larger than Steelman's among females. Steelman fairs better with independents 38%-21%. Conservatives go with Hulshof 32%-23%. Hulshof also beats Steelman among both the pro-life and pro-choice constituencies. Hulshof is strongest in northern Missouri and St. Louis. Steelman's strength lies here in the Ozarks and southeast Missouri.

Inside the sample, 74% of those polled were identified as Republicans; 17% were independents and 5% were Democrats. Southwest Missouri made up 23% of the full sample. Missouri's primary is open to all voters.

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