Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hulshof Turns 50

Congressman Kenny Hulshof turns 50 today.

And no politician turns away the opportunity to capitalize on a birthday anymore.

The "Hulshof girls" -- wife Renee, and daughters Casey and Hanna have sent a special birthday fundraising e-mail to supporters today asking for a $50 dollar contribution for Kenny's 50 years.

"I will spare you the jokes about birthday candles and fire extinguishers...and instead ask you to help us celebrate - campaign style! It would be a great gift to Kenny if you'd visit this link and send him a donation of $50 for 50 years. (Plus it would demonstrate Casey and Hanna's prowess as campaign fundraisers!) It would also help ease the pain of leaving his 40's behind if you would include a sympathy note with your campaign gift!," writes Renee Hulshof.

"We all know Kenny is the right person to lead Missouri into the next decade and the campaign just needs the resources to get Kenny's message out to voters. Your support is needed, and couldn't come on a more important day!"

Unless of course, you're a major embryonic stem cell donor.

Kidding aside, the Notebook wishes the Congressman the best on his big birthday.

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