Friday, May 30, 2008

"Sounds Like You're Ready For Tomorrow"


Watch my KY3 News @ 10 Report HERE

A.P.'s Lieb: Ron Paul Rally Better Attended Than G.O.P. Convention

Spotted in Crowd: 139th Rep. Shane Shoeller applauded by Paul fans for "having the courage to show up"

PAUL SAYS THE GOAL IS TO SEAT DELEGATES, INFLUENCE G.O.P. PLATFORM STATEWIDE . . . Says current Republican Party is "getting smaller, becoming irrelevant and losing elections."

ENCOURAGES SUPPORTERS TO ACT DIGNIFIED AND WITHIN THE RULES . . . "I encourage them to fight," but says he doesn't want to cause a ruckus . . . "I think if they don't listen to us, it's going to hurt them . . . They're losing, we're winning. Our numbers are growing . . . they're struggling."

G.O.P. TO BEEF UP SECURITY SATURDAY WITH FREEDOM ROAD RIDERS . . . Says One . . . "They're not going to get passed us."

STATE G.O.P: "There will be no fights, there will be no controversies over delegates."


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