Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hulshof's 2nd Ad


30-second spot offers no mention of Congressional career

Frames Himself as an "Outsider" . . . "Some candidates for Governor got their training in the politics of Jefferson City . . . I got my training in a different place."

No factual inaccuracies here, but in reality Hulshof spent 13 years as a public defender, assistant and special prosecutor. He has been a U.S. Congressman for the past 12 years.

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whistleblower said...

Kenny Hulshof is definitely a career something.

He, on an apparently regular basis, ignored the rule of law in order to get innocent people sent to prison. Why? -To advance his own political career.

Take a look at this report from 2003.
And that report doesn’t include the case of George Revelle. A case in which Hulshof hid exculpatory evidence, and submitted hearsay evidence so that he could convict an innocent man after the man’s wife had been killed.

Kenny is a “win at all cost” kind of guy. Unfortunately, that includes confiscating the liberties of innocent people for his own advancement.

In my book; Hulshof is the real criminal!

Sending innocent people to prison is the ultimate slap in the face to that which the Founders intended to be "The Land of the Free"