Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hulshof Camp Touts Tax Record


Kenny Hulshof's campaign for Governor says the Congressman's opponents are "inflating and reinventing their own records" on tax relief.

The release comes as a result of the recent discussion between the top candidates for Governor over their tax positions.

"When it comes to actually cutting taxes, Hulshof is the only gubernatorial candidate who can point to a solid record of achievement," said spokesperson Scott Baker in a release.

When asked how Hulshof's record compares to Nixon's and Steelman's, Baker replied, "He's done it." "On the Ways and Means Committee, he has had multiple opportunities to do it, and he's always done it consistently."

When pressed about how that was different from Steelman's record on taxes, Baker said he wasn't familiar with her history as a legislator. "The purpose of this release was to address the issue of taxes, as it's become part of the discussion," Baker said.
The Missouri Democratic Party is suggesting that Hulshof is trying to distance himself from President Bush by not attending his St. Louis visit Friday.
“If Congressman Hulshof really thinks Missouri’s economy is strong, then he should consider leaving Washington every now and then to spend some time talking to regular Missourians,” said Jack Cardetti, Missouri Democratic Party spokesman. “By rubberstamping President Bush’s economic policies, Congressman Hulshof helped create the economic downturn that has made it so difficult for middle-class Missourians to make ends meet. Instead of avoiding President Bush when he’s in town, Congressman Hulshof would better serve Missourians by avoiding the President’s disastrous economic policies. But instead, the Congressman offers nothing but enthusiastic praise for Bush on the campaign trail.”

Baker touted Hulshof's role in the federal tax cuts of 2001 and 2003. These packages cut taxes involving the "marriage penalty," increased child tax credits, cut taxes on capital gains and scaled back the Death Tax.
Hulshof would like to make them all permanent.

“Some suggest that the government knows how to best spend your money and they are eager to propose additional programs and bureaucracies to prove it,” Hulshof said. “I couldn’t disagree more. We need to provide relief to middle-income families," Hulshof added.

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Phil said...

Does Baker really not know Steelman's record as a legislator or is he just afraid t admit that there's no place to attack it