Sunday, April 20, 2008

Scenes & One-Liners


"I have no idea. I'll probably be the last to know."

---Sen. Chris Koster, replying when asked how "things were going" in his campaign for Attorney General. In his speech, Koster acknowledged there were still many Democrats in the room he had not met. One politico observed that Koster was getting "a frosty reception." "You don't see a lot of people going up to him. Kind of feel bad," the Springfield Democrat commented.

"Five to eight points."

---Joe Carmichael, when asked what the spread was for Tuesday's Pennsylvania primary between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The prominent Springfield Democrat who's supporting Obama predicted Clinton would probably prevail by that margin.

"She's got to win by at least 10."

---State Auditor and Obama supporter Susan Montee, chiming in to raise expectations for Clinton on Tuesday.

"I'm a House member and an anesthesiologist . . . not sure which qualifies to put you to sleep tonight, but . . ."

---Rep. Sam Page, candidate for Lieutenant Governor, opening his remarks to attendees during Saturday night's dinner.

"How about a Zweifel introducing a Temporiti?"

---State Democratic Party Chair John Temporiti, after receiving the Jackson Day microphone from Treasurer candidate Clint Zweifel. Temporiti then thanked Greene County Democrats for "fighting the good fight." He said the two to three point increase in turnout during the 2006 cycle in Greene County is now credited with sending Sen. Claire McCaskill to the U.S. Senate.

"I have spent a good portion of my first year hanging out in Springfield . . . We didn't make a bunch of mistakes in Springfield. We firmly stand behind our audit."

---State Auditor Susan Montee, defending her office's work on the Springfield audit that found large amounts of "wasteful spending" in several departments.

"You guys really didn't think you were getting rid of me, did you?"

---State Auditor Susan Montee, adding that she had audits planned in Christian County, Nixa, Clever and other areas of the Ozarks over the next year.

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