Saturday, April 19, 2008


Mixes Raw Humor, Wit, Brutal Honesty and Inspiration in Barnburner speech
"I Feel Sooo Goooood," yelps one woman afterword

Gov. Brian Schweitzer Unplugged:
On The New Greatest Generation . . . "They're walking around with their blackberries, their hats turned a little funny, they're pants so baggy it looks like they're carrying a load . . . but this Y generation is the one that will change the world . . . with your help."
On His Time . . . "We only have 950,000 people in Montana, so if you ask me to speak, I'm coming."
On Election 2008 . . . "We're going to elect John McCain the next president of the United States unless you beat him in Missouri."
And To This Reporter . . . (Jokingly, I think:) "You're a TV reporter? In Montana, we'd find a lasso, hurl it around your feet so fast you'd be hauled right out here dragging through the dirt."

The Most Quotable Moments of Jackson Days '08

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