Friday, April 11, 2008

Page Has Raised $821,234

Rep. Sam Page, Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor, today announced today that 1,736 contributors have donated $821,234.79 to his campaign.

From the release, it's unclear when that chunk of money was donated. It's also unclear how much cash still has on hand

"This far away from the general election, the unfortunate reality is that finite fundraising numbers are the only real way to keep score. I am humbled and proud to have 1,736 contributors put their dollars down and say: 'Sam Page, I believe you will make the best decisions for Missouri as Lt. Governor,'" Rep. Page said in a statement.

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MPN: Missouri Political News said...

Page filed his full financial report with the Ethics Commission on Friday. No need to rely solely on a press release. MPN has the analysis from the report: Page draws in $152,000 in first quarter/