Friday, April 11, 2008

Cardetti Explains Simckes Slip Up

Never has a such quiet implication of an endorsement roiled so many Democrats.

Democratic Party spokesperson Jack Cardetti called the KY3 Political Notebook Friday, in an attempt to shed more daylight about the endorsements State Treasurer candidate Andria Simckes claimed to received at a gathering in Springfield Thursday.

"Late last year she met with John Temporiti when she was first thinking about running for Treasurer. He encouraged her to run, but made it clear that the party would not be endorsing any candidate in a competitive primary for an open seat," Cardetti said.

"It's really no different than the situation we're in with the Attorney General's race. There are several good candidates, and whoever wins the primary, the party will back 110%," Cardetti added.

The difference here is that Simckes seemed to think differently when speaking to some Democratic donors with notoriously deep pockets. Was this just a slip of the tongue, a forgivable exaggeration or a complete misunderstanding on Simckes part.

One smart local Dem quipped, "Someone needs to tell her when a reporter is in the room."

Yet, Simckes knew I was present, because I went up to her and introduced myself and who I was with as soon as I got there.

Now I wonder how many times candidate wink and nod to potential supporters in rooms without reporters . . . "Sure, the party's with me . . . I mean, they can't say it officially. But (wink, wink), of course they want me."

So we understand the party says it never endorsed Simckes. Question is, does she still believe that?

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Dave said...

Is Cardetti saying that Jay Nixon, John Temporiti, and the Missouri Democratic Party will, at the risk of looking contradictory, support Chris Koster?
Does he not realize how glorious this will be to Republicans?
I have friends in the Republican ranks who pray to God that Chris Koster is the nominee so that they can run ads about his votes and then show him standing next to Jay Nixon and John Temporiti. Nearly all of Jay's talking points are in direct contradiction to Koster's voting record, and the Republicans know it. This guy will ruin the gubernatorial election for the Democrats...I am telling you right now. The Party ranks had better pull their heads of out their you know what and realize how much of a circus this will be if Koster gets the nomination.