Monday, December 17, 2007

Romney Hits Huck Again

Huckabee Responds: "Hardly Soft on Crime"
Pundit: Huck Xmas Ad Makes Romney "Look Like Scrooge"
Mike Huckabee spent his day raising money in Beverly Hills, California, gabbing on Larry King Live and getting attacked again by Iowa rival Mitt Romney.
This is the second ad in which Romney has directly targeted Huckabee in hopes of regaining his once-commanding Iowa lead in the polls ahead of the Jan. 3 caucuses. The main goal of this Romney ad is to bring Huckabee's judgment into question. Huckabee responded with a cheery, warm, fuzzy Christmas ad that basically tells people to enjoy the season. (You can view both ads by clicking on the headlines.) ABC’s George Stephanopoulos called the Huckabee ad “just ingenious,” and said it will make any Romney attack ads appear “Scrooge-like.” But if he's going to hit, Romney must hit now before the Christmas week is here. We won't know if all these attacks on Huckabee are working unless there is some polling revealed late this week or early next week.

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