Monday, December 17, 2007

Waiting For A Winner

--- But May Travel There For Caucuses
Will Consider Endorsing Before Feb. 5th
"Thrilled With Top 3 Dems"
Although she's received a considerable amount of pressure to do so, Springfield Rep. Sara Lampe says she won't endorse a presidential candidate before the Iowa caucuses. Before a speaking engagement in Dade County Monday, Lampe told the KY3 Political Notebook she might consider endorsing a candidate before Missouri's February 5th primary.
"It depends. I'm not sure," she said. She said the pressure to endorse is exciting, but that she is "waiting to see how things go in Iowa."
"I'm thrilled with the top three folks running right now," Rep. Lampe said of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards. "I want the person to be a winner."
Lampe's comments mean that the results in the early states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina could influence her ultimate pick. "I trust those early caucus and primary voters. History has proven, they call it. And everybody wants to be with a winner," she said.
Lampe also said she is considering traveling to Iowa to work the caucuses on January 3rd. She said she already has a hotel room booked for the first week of January but isn't sure of her schedule yet. "I'd love to go up and work them. I don't even care who I work for," she said.

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