Sunday, November 18, 2007

P-D Poll: SWMO Voters Still Deciding

Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani have the most support for their party's nominations in the state of Missouri, according to a new St. Louis Post-Dispatch poll.

But the survey found that voters in Southwest Missouri are still some of the most undecided voters in the state.

(Thank God, someone is startin to poll this thing.)

Statewide, Clinton leads Obama by 15 points and Edwards by 16. But in southwest Missouri her lead over Obama shrinks to 12. A huge chunk is undecided.

Clinton 32%
Obama 20%
Edwards 17%
*Undecided 25%

Following trends across the country, the Republican field statewide is more muddled. Giuliani leads Romney by just 7 points. Fred Thompson takes third, but close behind are McCain and Huckabee who are also in double digits.

In Southwest Missouri, it gets real tight.

Giuliani 19%
Thompson 19%
Romney 18%
McCain 13%
Huckabee 13%
*Undecided 16%

Moving ahead to the general, in SWMO -- Giuliani beats Clinton 48%-38% but 14% remain undecided. Similar numbers with Clinton versus Romney, Thompson, etc. John McCain seems the strongest against Hillary head-to-head here (51%-36%). In the Ozarks, all the Republican candidates beat Obama and Edwards soundly. In this poll, there's no indication either would be a stronger candidate than Hillary in this conservative area.

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