Sunday, November 18, 2007

Huckabee's First Ad: Chuck Norris Approved

It's not surprising that Mike Huckabee's first television ad is funny.

In fact, if it wasn't, I'd wonder why.

But one can wonder whether this ad sells or makes his campaign look like punch line?

Watch it HERE.

Personally, it cracks me up -- and I tip my hat to any politico willing to use humor -- and take a risk. But now just 46 days before Iowa, this stuff is getting pretty serious. And I just wonder if the ad helps elevate him to that top tier of candidates -- with tough-talking Rudy and CEO-stylin' Mitt? Should he have instead spent his time, bolstering his creds as a Governor or outlaying his national security/foreign policy strategy (where he's perceived weak?)

Huckabee says: "This is a light-hearted ad which draws attention to important issues. We want to show that running for President is serious business but a person can have fun doing it."

It's a $60-thousand dollar ad that will run in targeted areas of Iowa. But Huck is already using it as a fundraising tool so he can run it in other states.

But Fred Thompson's campaign is already taking aim at it.


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