Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bond on MSNBC: Giuliani Won't Be Wounded If He Loses Iowa, New Hampshire

Sen. Kit Bond took to a cable-talk-a-thon Tuesday to vouch for Rudy Giuliani's campaign for president.

"I think clearly in Missouri we're seeing Rudy Giuliani's record is selling very well in a purple state," said Bond on MSNBC during the noon hour of its wall-to-wall Super Tuesday political coverage.

Bond, a national co-chair for Giuliani's campaign, noted Missouri's bellwether status in turning candidates into presidents. "Missouri goes for the winner and it can go either Republican or Democrat," Bond said. "And I think Rudy Giuliani is the person that really can win in Missouri, not only on February 5th, but in November."

While Giuliani has sat on top of the national polls for most of the year, the latest polls from the first primary states show him lagging. He sits either third or fourth place in Iowa and is battling with John McCain for second place in New Hampshire.

"I don't think it's a wounded position to lose two states," Bond said. "Obviously I'd prefer to see him winning in one, at least one of those states, but the fact of the matter is, we are putting together a good organization in Missouri. I understand they have good organizations in South Carolina in Florida, which is very important."

Missouri voters will join a bunch of states that will vote on their presidential nominees on February 5th. "I'm looking at the Midwest, where I believe that when Rudy Giuliani has the opportunity to get his message out, he's going to appeal to Republicans, from liberal to conservative and he's done a good job in my state, and I think he'll continue it," Bond said.

Missouri's senior senator also said he would give his suggestions to Giuliani on a potential running mate, but declined to specifically offer his views on former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee taking that slot.

"That's a decision that Rudy would have to make. I would have some suggestions for him, but that's his to make, so I can't speak for him," Bond said.

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