Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Skelton on Iran: "We Don't Talk About That"

Democratic Rep. Ike Skelton seemed reluctant to talk about any possibility of a military confrontation with Iran in an interview in Lebanon Monday.

When I asked Skelton if he would in any way support surgical airstrikes in parts of Iran believed to have nuclear weapons or facilities, he signaled he didn't want to talk about that.

"We don't talk about that. We hope that doesn't come to pass," Skelton replied.

When I pressed Skelton on why this topic wasn't relevant for discussion, he stopped me. "Did you hear what I said?," Skelton asked.

"We don't want to even think about that because Iran could very well be a tinderbox. I hope we can handle this Iranian problem diplomatically. It's going to be difficult but we don't need another war."


Matt said...

Wait...don't we, the people pay guys like Skelton a good living "to talk about that" and other pressing issues?

Matt Norris said...

The problem is, it's a stupid question:

When you have the entire Middle East paranoid of the U.S. military, yet are trying to find diplomatic solutions to problems, it is simply not productive to go around talking about possible military attacks.

Quite obviously, said attacks should be planned, but they should be planned in secret, not discussed with the media where they can be beamed right into Iran and used as "see? The Americans are out to get us!" propaganda.