Monday, July 31, 2006

Can Joe Pyles Pull An Upset in the 139th?

Can a candidate for a higher minimum wage, for the stem cell ballot initiative, supportive of restoring Medicaid cuts for the working disabled and revamping the license fee offices really win a northern Greene County G.O.P primary?

That's what Joe Pyles is trying to do in the 139th.

The Republican primary for the 139th legislative district includes three candidates, Shane Schoeller, Joe Pyles and Karen Roark. I couldn't find campaign websites for Schoeller or Roark, so Pyles gets the only web profile for now.

On his campaign website, Pyles tries to make the case that he's the only candidate in this race that is serious about representing the 139th. "I didn't move to the 139th to run for office or file on the last day. I am not part of any political machine," Pyles writes.

A Fair Grove resident, Pyles has served on the West Plains city council and fought in Operation Desert Storm. He's now a media consultant, so it's not surprising he has a website. He talks about bringing "political attention" to northern Greene County, by holding community meetings and town hall events. His list of issues include noting his "pro-life, anti-gun control" stands, but his positions on hot-button topics like Medicaid and stem cells do stand out above all. You certainly don't see those positions on the campaign websites of many Republicans running in southwest Missouri.

Still, he seems to reject the label of a "progressive or moderate." We gave him that label in a previous entry. And he's responded on his site. "The media tries to label Joe as a progressive, moderate. He just reminds you that he is just a human being that's offering his services to represent all parties, all views."

Pyles is attempting to reach out to moderate Republicans and even Democrats. He says he's chosen the Republican party because it best governs free enterprise, prevents government intervention and doesn't find ways to raise taxes. But Pyles promises he'll listen to Democratic ideas respectfully and work with the other side effectively.

Pyles also tries to take the populist approach when it comes to money, pledging that while he may be outraised and outspent, it won't matter. He says he has a "conservative budget" of $45,750 to spend on this race. On the donation part of the site, he recommends an $80 contribution for a primary victory . . . and a $110 contribution for a general election win.

I haven't seen any evidence of where this primary race stands, but insiders say Karen Roark will be the favorite just because of her name. That means if Pyles is able to pull off a win this primary night, it would be one of the big stories of election night.


Takes two wings to fly straight said...

Sounds like his views and those of the Democrat nominee Jamie Schoolcraft are very similar. Pyles is repeating what a lot of Republicans are saying (Mark Wright, B.J. Marsh, and David Dunn, for example). The extreme medicaid cuts, failure to rectify the the MAWD debacle and the fee agent patronage ploys are more then independant thinking Republicans can take. Only the Republican insiders with blinders on like Champion, Roark. Denison, Viebrock and Dixon seem to be happy with how far out their party went on these measures.

bobicus tomatocus said...

I really do not understand the whole "Roark" thing.

I respect Karen and her husband Larry, but Brad is an intellectual light weight. Always has been, always will be.

I mean, you are talking about someone (Brad) who proposed everyone having to reapply for medicaid every year as the solution to the problem. Yeah, right.

My point is this: How can Karen have such an advantage when her son hasnt done much in Jeff city?

As for the whole 139th bit, I agree it will be interesting. Right now it is interesting to see how you are pushing a candidate who tends to lean toward what some might deam "Democratic party" values.

When will we get an analysis of what Roark and Schoeller believes, or are you only going to provide profiles on those individuals who you may politically agree with.

In the future if you are going to write a story spouting a candidates talking points I believe it is only fair to spout ALL the candidates talking points. Elsewhile you are doing nothing more than providing free political advertising.

Tim said...

I'm not really up to speed on many of the local races since I've been concentrating on the David Dunn vs. Charlie "the votes wouldn't make a difference" Denison.

I've not met Joe Pyles, so won't offer an opinion on his candidacy; I do know both Karen and Shane, and either would make a good Representative.

And this post now ends, because I am holding a great niece, and typing one handed ain't easy.

(Just remember to vote!)

Tim Trower

maverickthinker said...

Shane Schoeller has a well done website:

Takes two wings to fly straight said...

Tim I don't see how you think Dunn is going to be able to beat the Republican establishment of Denison and his friends Champion, Clemens Blunt and Co. I hope you are right.

Tim said...

Trust me on this.

After Denison's comments at the NAMI Public Forum last Thursday in which he told Doug Harpool that he wanted to work with him (Harpool) on a law enforcement issue -- forgetting that Senator Champion was sitting at the same table with Denison -- well, let's just say that there are some very upset people that will never forget this outrageous display of arrogance and bad manners.

I just don't think that Charlie has many friends left in the Republican Party.

Tim Trower

cashplays said...

Two Wings, I have to agree with Trower here. Although Clemens' name was on a fundraiser for Denison, he was not asked to host it and as a result did not show at the Country Club. Champion also has steered clear of Denison and his perpetual habit of stepping on himself in public. Charlie has also embarassed the Gov on occasion and my gut feeling is the Blunts would not be sorry to see "Part Time Charlie Go".

Chris Fluharty said...

Name is everything this is why you see so many stupid signs everywhere. If someone named Wright ran in the 137th they would win w/o no money just because they are used to seeing the name.

As for GOP insiders to become idependent in that way (political advatage) is cowardice and they deserve to loose. Stick to your convictions or get out of politics.

Takes two wings to fly straight said...

If Champion is steering clear of Denison why did she host a fundraiser for him? If she claims Denison used her name without her permission she should say so publically so people would know. She should also explain the Denison sign that was in her yard.

Tim said...

Two Wings,

Champion did not host that fundraiser -- again, Denison put her name on without her permission. As for the Denison sign, I know for a fact that a lot of these signs have been planted in yards where Charlie had them two years ago -- and he is not asking permission.

Charlie must have Sniper at work yet again.

Tim Trower