Monday, July 31, 2006

Chatter: Springfield School Leaders Are For Denison; Dunn Aide Predicts Narrow Victory

The blog Chatter is breaking some news tonight about Rep. Charlie Denison's fundraising.

Ron Davis delivers the scoop that both the Springfield Public School Superintendent and the Board of Education President are supporting Denison's re-election bid to the #135 legislative seat with campaign contributions.

Why is it relevant? According to Chatter, "the contributions were made one day after Denison wrongly claimed the school district was hosting a fundraiser for him."

Davis goes on to note that neither of Denison's opponents have received contributions from the school leaders.

David Dunn is challenging Denison in the Aug. 8th primary. Tonight, Dunn political adviser Tim Trower told me that Dunn has closed the race "quite considerably" in the last few weeks.

"My prediction is that Dunn will win this race, probably narrowly, but we will win this one," Trower said.

Nancy Hagan will challenge whoever wins.

Democrats are already salivating at the chance to take on a Republican that doesn't have the luxury of incumbency. "Denison is vulnerable. This is a bruising primary for him, and they'll be scrambling in that district if they don't have an incumbent to protect," said Democratic strategist Nora Walcott.


Takes two wings to fly straight said...

Never heard of a sitting Supt. of Schools getting involved in partisan politics. If Dunn or Hagan wins he will have a lot of explaining to do.

Then again if Denison wins and votes against full education funding and in favor of vouchers in accordance with the Republican platform he will have a lot of explaining to do.

Tim said...

Well, shucks -- I get quoted again! However, the real story is that Denison once again can't avoid the appearance of evil with these two donations.

Honestly ... do Ridder and Hoeman think that no one will notice that they donated funds to a political candidate that can't keep the truth straight about a fundraising mailer?

I don't understand why anyone would support, let alone donate money, to the Denison machine. Tonight alone I talked with two former Denison volunteers (with family members, a total of six people who worked for Denison in the last campaign). Both were upset at the out and out lies that had been told.

In one case, the former volunteer had been told by Denison that he actually went to the graduation of a granddaughter, not to a baseball game.

In the other case, Charlie dropped this volunteer because he happened to publically disagree with Denison on a legislative issue.

Both volunteers read today's News-Leader article with the same horror that I did -- a State official actually glorying in the taking of money from lobbyists, taking credit for the MSU name change and forgetting that St. Louis isn't in the 135th District!

Charlie is just a sad, little man.

busplunge said...

I guess you can look at this as the lesser of problems.

Hagan and her husband are(were?) active in the local NEA group.

The school probably doesn't want that baggage complicating their activities.

Charlie maybe only as smart as the last person he talked to.

Chris Fluharty said...

These officials can give their money anyway they want to that is their right. Money poorly spent but hey it is their money. I could of swore Ridder was a liberal, he runs the schools like he is. I guess it is okay to brainwash our kids with the NEA agenda but he is conservative when he clocks out. Things to make you go hum