Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hancock Endorses Jackson; Colonel Says He's Got a Double-Digit Lead in Auditor Primary

Republican auditor candidate and state Rep. Jack Jackson (R-Wildwood) campaigned at the Ozark Empire Fair Sunday, touting an endorsement by former U.S. Congressman Mel Hancock.

"Jack Jackson is not the kind of person who sticks his finger in the wind to test the political weather before he makes a move. When Jack Jackson says he'll get the job done, he'll do it," Hancock said, according to a release put out by the Jackson campaign.

With just nine days until the primary, Jackson said his internal campaign polls show him leading his 4 Republican competitors by almost double-digits.

"For awhile it was bunched up. What I'm seeing here is the people coming by already know me, they've seen my TV commercials, heard my radio commercials. I've been down here so much, they're beginning to know me," Jackson said.

The Vietnam veteran said he is currently leading in Greene County. "I'll tell you, it is critical I get Greene County. This is Mel Hancock area. I'm spending a lot of time here because if you don't carry this part of the state, you are probably not going to win."

Jackson said his military service combined with his management background and political experience helps him win over voters who may be undecided or uninterested in the auditor's race. "No other candidate has all these credentials," Jackson said. "They can't compete with their area of expertise. Mine is so broad."

"People always ask, what are you doing with the money we sent you with in Jefferson City. What do you need anymore,?" Jackson said.

If elected, Jackson said he would embed auditors to review financial plans at the beginning of major government programs, rather than after they have already been completed. "Let's solve it up front," Jackson said. "When they hear that, that's when people begin to get excited."

Jackson faces four Republicans in the August 8th primary . . . Springfield Rep. Mark Wright, Al Hanson, Platte County Auditor Sandra Thomas and State senator John Loudon. Here are brief profiles of each.

Does Jackson believe Claire McCaskill has been a good auditor?

"She started out good. In the first year and a half, I thought she did a good job and then she began to worry about her next promotion and things have fallen by the side," Jackson said.

Jackson's campaign manager Paul Brown said Jackson is most appealing to older voters. Brown believes Jackson's biggest competition in the crowded primary is Loudon, because he attracts younger voters and has money.


maverickthinker said...

Col. Jackson's putting too much faith in his own internals. I think this race is much closer and pundits and wanna-be pundits have given this race to Jackson much too early. He might win, but it'll be much closer and look for someone like Mark Wright to finish right on Jackson's heels if not squeak out a victory due to the fact that Jackson and Loudon split the St. Louis vote and Wright ran well on his home turf and in another area like Kansas City, where he's gotten good press with his reform initiatives and Sandra Thomas has not had the best press lately with the news of some $200,000 missing from Platte County's coffers.

Bottom line: not much daylight on election eve between #1, #2, and #3.

bobicus tomatocus said...

So wait, you are tring to get the possible Republican Nominee to sing the praises of Claire Mc Caskil? You dont stop, do you?

At this point I have no doubt that there is a Claire sticker on your desk next to the Harpool one.

Regardless, I would hope to see everyone out at the debate this coming thursday. It will be very important and might be our only opportunity to see how everyone stacks up.

Mike said...

wow, you are soooo clever to throw in the Claire question, man... clever indeed... wait... you aren't!

it's really, really pathetic that you couldn't hold off some Claire-love to the next article atleast, and you let it bleed in.

on a side note, check out the latest polls....

56% you
43% claire
1% other

(on who is doing the best job campaigning for McCaskill)

T said...


You are dead on my friend. I doubt there is anyone in this crowded field with this much money involved having a 10 point lead.
I also see a dark horse like Wright winning, he has a lot of press coverage (which costs the campaign nothing), has Springfield and the rural vote plus a good showing in KC.
All about getting out the vote, we will see who does that the best

Chris Fluharty said...

The good Col. need to wake up from his dream land. No way is it double digits. No way is he winning Greene County. And no way will he win at all. John Loudon will come out in these last days as the obvious victor. I look and see wright and Thomas either pulling out or falling out. If Jackson wind then Montee is a sure bet in the generals. Why do any GOPers want that. Jackson has proved he does not have the grassroots or the ability to raise funds. Vote Loudon if you are wise.