Friday, December 18, 2009

"When Out of CBO There Arose Such A Clatter"

Sen. Kit Bond has put together another offbeat video with a play on "Twas The Night Before Christmas".
In his lyrics, Sen. Bond, accompanied by his dog, Tiger, and spokeswoman Shana Marchio's dog, Pooley takes aim at Senate Democrats -- including eight by name.
Talking Points Memo has The VID.
An excerpt:
"Now Schumer, now Sanders, now Durbin and HarkinOn Landrieu, on Nelson, on Bayh and LincolnTo the well of the Senate, to the top of the wallVote away! Vote Away! Vote Away all!
As spending before the wild deficits flyRoll over all obstacles, mount to the skySo up to the house-top, the debt it flewWith a sleigh full of goodies, cap-and-trade too!"

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