Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Schoeller Severs Ties With Jetton

"Actions I Cannot Dismiss"
Reliable Jeff City GOPer says green is Jetton's favorite color
Hours after former House Speaker Rod Jetton announced through an attorney that he was shutting down his political consulting firm Tuesday, Willard Rep. Shane Schoeller said he was severing ties with Jetton for good.
Jetton's attorney Steve Wilson told reporters through an e-mail that Jetton "will be leaving politics to deal with false allegations and spend time with his family."
Jetton, pictured above in his mug shot, has been charged with second degree assault of a woman during a sexual encounter last month. His attorney said the assault allegation would be proven untrue.
Schoeller, who told The Notebook late Monday that he would wait to learn more facts about the charge before determining his future association with Jetton's company, said he terminated Jetton's employment Tuesday "in light of the charges that have been filed."
Schoeller said he would "seek to square any current obligations and then completely sever all ties with Rod Jetton & Associates."
The two-term Republican, who is aiming for a top leadership post in the House, also said he "will not be involved in any new firm that might be formed and be directly linked back to Jetton's consulting firm."
"These are serious charges and I wanted to make sure that I knew what I could about the allegations before taking any steps," Schoeller said in a statement. "I find that these are actions that I cannot dismiss and I firmly believe that it would not be right to be involved with Jetton's firm or his associates now and in the future," he added.


Busplunge said...

Schoeller should have known Jetton was ethically challenged when he hired him, at which time was a plethera of anecdotal evidence of unethical behavior documented in both print and electronic media.

Heck, even I knew about it.

Shame on Shane.

Busplunge said...

Wasn't Schoeller Jetton's chief of staff in 2003?