Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Notebook's Final 2009 List

The Players, Moments & Words That Defined Missouri Politics in 2009

Most Defining Political Moment: Sen. Bond's retirement announcement

Worst Idea: Nixon administration attempting to ban reporter cell phones at a news conference in the Governor's office

15 Minutes of Fame: Linda Martinez, Dave Coonrod

Best Comeback: Springfield sales tax; FAILED in February 52%-47%, PASSED in November 55%-45%

GOP Up & Comers: Springfield City Councilman Nick Ibarra, #140th District House candidate Lincoln Hough

DEM Up & Comers: Rep. Jason Kander (#44th House District), 8th District U.S. House candidate Tommy Sowers

Best New Blog: The Missouri Record

Fastest Rise: Billy Long

Words Added to the Lexicon: E.Coli-gate, Shovel-ready, Birthers, MIAC (pronounced My-yack), Cash for Clunkers, Green Balloons

Toughest Call: Motorcycle Helmet Law

Political Play of The Year: Tom Schweich striking a deal to run for Auditor instead of U.S. Senate in exchange for Republican establishment support

Gutsiest Move: Sen. Claire McCaskill's series of summer townhall meetings

Biggest Diss: Gov. Nixon not telling Lt. Gov. Kinder about his trip to the Middle East before he left

R.I.P: Gov. Warren Hearnes

Reporter of The Year: Karen Dillon, Kansas City Star

Anonymous Quote Of The Year: "When Karen Dillon calls you, you know you're already f*$!ed. She doesn't call until she's got you by the balls."

5 Best On The Record Quotes:
1. "So stick it up your ass." -- Rep. Ike Skelton, caught on an open microphone on the House floor, in reference to Rep. Todd Akin.

2. "Alaska doesn't know we have our own Sarah." -- Sen. Claire McCaskill, in a speech in Hannibal, referencing Sarah Steelman's potential challenge to Congressman Roy Blunt in the GOP primary for U.S. Senate. Steelman decided against a run.

3. "I don't think people care that much about when I'm brushing my teeth." -- Robin Carnahan, dismissing the social media tool Twitter. Months later, her campaign had signed up for an account

4. "Can you see me behind this mic?" -- Billy Long, in his opening line on stage in a summer speech at "Patriots in the Park"

5. "If somebody's actively opposing me and then I win the election, am I going to support that person in 2012? Well, no." -- Tom Schweich, answering a question on whether he'd pledge to serve a full 4-year term if elected State Auditor

Most Outlandish Political Attack: Calls to boycott President Obama's school speech to students for fears of "indoctrination"

Fairest Political Attack: That members of the Nixon administration mislead the public and the media about E.Coli-gate

Most Unfortunate Final Tweet: "Betsy is tomorrow" 10:15 p.m. Dec. 6th from txt, by @jedijetton

Rising Pundits: Missouri State University's Brian Calfano, Democrat/Springfield attorney Kris Barefield

Republicans Who Should Get on Twitter: Former Gov. Matt Blunt, David Steelman

Democrats Who Should Get on Twitter: Jack Cardetti, Former Gov. Bob Holden

5 Top Notebook VIDS:
1. Matt Blunt's scooter accident LINK
2. Ralph Manley abruptly resigns LINK
3. Nixon testily responds to Kinder question LINK
4. Bond jokes about Carnahan tracker LINK
5. Lawmaker Caught Snoozing LINK

To the loyal readers of this little experiment I fondly call The Notebook, my whole-hearted thanks to each of you for your loyalty, your encouragement, your level-headed critiques -- but most of all, for caring about politics and your government.

I'll see you @POLITICO on January 18th.

Until then, keep in touch via TWITTER/FACEBOOK.

For now, 2010 is . . .



Josh Martin said...

Great call on Most Outlandish Political Attack. The only ones being indoctrinated were the Glenn-Beckians

boyd said...

Great call on outlandish political attack-

After a student has spend 6 hours a day with unionized liberal nose picking whiners, what's another 15 minutes going to matter?

P.S. Would some of you global warming freaks come by and carry some wood in for me, it cold.

Josh Martin said...

Sure. I'll also bring a book that explains the difference between weather and climate.

boyd said...

Yes the ever changing target of the one world government redistribution folks. Since global warming didn't work why not climate change?

boyd said...

Yes bring your manual on redistribution and one world government too. Since global warming isn't working let's try climate change.

Josh Martin said...

I don't know if I'll be able to carry everything, because apparently I need to bring a guide to posting comments on blogs too.