Friday, December 11, 2009

Goodman's Cooks

The Cook family will hold a fundraiser for Sen. Jack Goodman's 7th District Congressional campaign next week as the final quarter of year winds to a close.
Chip, Loren and Jerry Cook are headlining an event for Goodman at the Doubletree Hotel on North Glenstone on Tuesday evening.
Rep. Charlie Denison, Rep. Shane Schoeller, Rep. Ray Weter and Rep. Jay Wasson as well as GOP fundraiser Neal Ethridge are also listed on the fundraising invitation.
Goodman trails both Sen. Gary Nodler and auctioneer Billy Long in fundraising.
PLUS: Nodler backer Gregg Hartley TWEETS of shifting alliances:
"MO-7 Congressional race: watch year end reports to see donors who are shifting allegiance;2 candidates have shifting sands," proclaimed Hartley in a Friday Tweet.

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