Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The 138th: Cady Reports $4,764, Outraising Lampe

#138th District Republican candidate Jeremy Cady reported raising $4,764 in contributions over the last three months in his campaign to take on Springfield Rep. Sara Lampe.

“Over half of Cady’s total contributions were processed online. 86% of his contributors gave online at an average just over $45 per contributor,” said William Wake, Jeremy Cady’s campaign treasurer.

Of those contributions processed online, more than $1,000 was raised in a single day money bomb fundraiser, according to the Cady campaign. “We have had success with our online campaign and we hope to grow stronger in this arena as the race continues,” Wake said.

“We have done well this quarter,” said Jeremy Cady. “We have had several small, individual contributions without any large money coming from special interests or PACs. I am sure the fundraising would have been even greater had so many people not been affected by the current economic crunch. Higher energy and food prices coupled with a tighter job market have impacted those people my candidacy most seeks to help. A removal of the ethanol mandate and ensuring the State of Missouri tightens its own belt, providing tax relief so our families can afford to eat and our parents can afford to drive to work should be high on our priority list," he added.

Cady, who has ties to the "Ron Paul Revolution" in Springfield, will face Michael Goodart in the G.O.P. primary. Goodart ran unsuccessfully for the Republican nomination against Steve Helms in 2006.

Over the past three months, Goodart has raised $1,131. He has just $302 on hand to spend, while Cady has $2,346.

Cady actually outraised incumbent Democrat Sara Lampe this quarter. Lampe reported $4,270 in contributions over the past three months. Still, she holds $9,351 on hand.

Lampe is unopposed in her primary.


CharityAngel said...

Go Cady!!! I WISH I lived in his district so I could vote for him! He is an awesome guy that upholds the Constitution.

Cathosaurus said...

I just might MOVE to his district if he wins! Yeah Cady!

P Campbell said...

I do live in the 138th district and whole heartedly endorse Mr. Cady. Jeremy Cady is one of the most principled individuals I've ever met.

I've known Jeremy for about four years and have always been impressed with this man. You'll get no dissembling from Mr. Cady, but rather his unvarnished view of how our government should run--I agree with his vision.

I expect great things from Mr. Cady in the future.

CharityAngel said...

The other day I spoke with him on the phone, and I asked him to let me know of any homes for rent in his district, so I CAN move there LOL. Anyone who wants to have a representative that will really listen to him should move there!

mozarker said...

I'm really pleased to know that a true conservative is running in the 138th District. I wish him only the very best!

jgj570s said...

From what I know of Mr. Cady, he is the absolute best choice for the 138th. His unwavering dedication to country and constitution is a refreshing change that is must needed. I only wish he was in my district!!