Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nodler to Relinquish Budget Chairmanship Friday

Sen. Gary Nodler will relinquish his Appropriations Committee chairmanship Friday, according to a source with ties to State Senate staffing.
The decision has been expected for months, but Nodler has not given many hints on when he'd step down. He's been the Senate budget chair since 2007, and has touted that experience in his campaign for the 7th Congressional District.
In September, Nodler told The Notebook he was uncertain of his decision, but leaning "a certain direction."
On Thursday, Nodler said, "There's nothing I'm prepared to announce tonight."
"I'll be making a statement on some subject tomorrow," he added.
Pressed on his decision, Nodler replied, "I'm going to do what I'm going to do, when I'm going to do it."
Nodler is running against Sen. Jack Goodman, auctioneer Billy Long, Greene County prosecutor Darrell Moore and a host of other candidates for the 7th Congressional District's GOP nomination.

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Tina said...

Please let him talk about earmarks! I always love his definitions.