Saturday, November 14, 2009

Blunt Comfortable With Nuclear Plant in the Ozarks

Congressman Roy Blunt said he would be comfortable with the presence of a nuclear power plant in the Ozarks, but continued to stress the importance of coal-generated power as an energy source.

"I'd be comfortable with a plan. I'd be comfortable in an expansion of the plan at Fulton," Blunt said, when asked about nuclear.

Blunt made the comments in a wide-ranging interview with KY3 News earlier this week.



Sen. Lindsey Graham is working with Sen. John Kerry on an attempted compromise energy plan in the U.S. Senate. Asked about that effort, Blunt said, "I'd have to see it first. But I'm for more American energy of all kinds."

On Coal: "We should still be using it as a resource . . ."

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