Monday, October 26, 2009

NATO Summons Schweich

Republican candidate for Auditor Tom Schweich is heading to Germany to help NATO provide a training program on crime and corruption in Afghanistan.
Team Schweich made the announcement Monday in an e-mail to supporters.

The message says that Schweich would be taking "a few days off the campaign trail this week."

"Tom had the honor of being invited by the head of NATO training to go to Germany to provide a training program on crime and corruption in Afghanistan to NATO officers about to deploy to Afghanistan. In addition to his strong background in law enforcement, investigations, and audits, Tom is recognized as one of the world's leading experts on Afghanistan - having spent time there when he worked as an ambassador in the Bush Administration," reads the message.

The campaign e-mail also touts Schweich's record third quarter fundraising and his endorsement list, prominently featuring a quote by Congressman and U.S. Senate candidate Roy Blunt.

"The momentum is building," reads the message. "In just a few days, Tom will be back on the campaign trail with his usual energy and enthusiasm."

Schweich is facing Budget Chair Allen Icet for the Republican nomination for State Auditor in 2010.

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