Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Emerson Still Up For Grabs on Healthcare

Rep. Jo Ann Emerson is one of a handful of House Republicans leaving the door open for supporting some type of Democratic healthcare legislation this year.
POLITICO lists Emerson as one representative who has said she could vote for a "more moderate House-Senate compromise bill."

Emerson says she’ll vote against the House version and that she’s "outraged" by the deal the White House and the Senate cut with pharmaceutical companies to limit their costs. "I think we’re missing a very important opportunity to save a lot of money that won’t hurt anybody," she said.
But she hasn’t said no yet, either.
"I’m anxiously waiting to see the final product in both the House and Senate," she said.

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Lewis said...

Anything other than the government getting completely out of the health care industry is unacceptable.
Emerson leaving the door open means that she's going to vote for whatever Obama wants, she just doesn't want to tell anyone that yet. Remember, this is the woman who voted for the 700 billion bailout because she was told to do so by the same people who were getting the 700 billion.