Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Bond Not 'Trigger' Happy Either

Senator Kit Bond said Wednesday that he won't support any bill with a public option or "trigger" component."
"Only if it's truly bipartisan," Bond said of his support, according to The Hill. "Only if we get rid of all this junk. I mean, I don't want to see government-controlled co-ops or triggers anything like that. It's a gateway drug to a public option."
The Hill speculated that Bond could be a Republican deal maker on healthcare because of his retirement next year and his recent vote for Sonia Sotomayor.
The President addresses the nation tonight at 7 p.m.
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jerry said...

I just watched president obamas speech on healthcare reform. Afterward I watched the republican rebuttal. This physician, congressman from louisiana came on with the same ole tired, we can't afford it. This record has been played a thousand times before. Just ten minutes after Obama said it won't cost on penny to the deficit. These old tired republican replys are just to much for a registered republican to stand. My party is done. Its controlled by a bunch of money grabbing, corrupt has beens that aren't fit to be in congress or the senate.

gumshoe said...

I am happy to hear Bond won't support any legislation with a trigger... we agree on something.

If there is no public option, most anything called health care reform that gets passed will do very little to make sure insurance companies don't continue to screw us.

A trigger means insurance companies will do just enough to not get the public option, while screwing people in all the ways they can that don't affect the trigger.

The only folks who don't want the public option are the actual insurance companies and the people they've donated money to: Republicans and some of the Blue Dog Democrats.

With the screwups caused by Republicans from Iraq, Afghanistan (by going into Iraq), aftermath of hurricane Katrina, politicization of DOJ, loss of 4th amendment, and so many other things -- why is anybody even paying attention to what they want?

So, this is, as I said before, my line in the sand. We have to get the sorry state of our joke of a health care system in order.

If Democrats can't do that, I'm done with the current crop, and will work to primary any of them where we have an honest to God good candidate.

Paul Seale said...

Just ten minutes after Obama said it won't cost on penny to the deficit.

Okay, wait, so you believe this even though the CBO (nonpartisan Congressional Budget office) says the cost will be over 1 trillion in 10 years.

Keep in mind they said prescription drug benefit would be 400 billion over 10 years and its ballooned far beyond that estimate.

I am curious as to how or why you would believe Obama when facts show other wise.

I would agree that someone else could have done a better job at rebutting Obama's speech.

gumshoe said...

Obama said it would cost 900 billion over 10 years -- so lets just use your figure Paul and say 1billion a year.

We have spent close to 700,000,000,000 billion in Iraq AND COUNTING. Keep in mind Romsfield said it would cost around 60 billion... look at that balloon.