Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"No One's Standing Up Right Now"

In the second part of my interview with U.S. Senate candidate Chuck Purgason, he contrasts himself with Roy Blunt, reiterates his ban on family lobbyists and acknowledges the "mountain" in front of him.
"I think that the contrast right now is that he's been in Washington a long time and I haven't. And the direction that Washington is going, people aren't happy with."
"In a primary, for the people that think government's going the wrong direction, without me in the race, they don't have a choice."
"If Robin Carnahan, a member of her family lobbied, would that be an issue with Republicans? I believe it would be. And I believe it would be an issue with me."
"I know exactly what mountain I've got in front of me right now. You know, but what's the alternative? Sit and do nothing?"

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