Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Nixon Appoints Temporiti to State Housing Commission

Gov. Jay Nixon has tapped former Missouri Democratic Party chair John Temporiti to sit on the Missouri Housing Development Commission (MHDC).
Temporiti is a close Nixon ally and an attorney in St. Louis. The appointment comes at a time when the MHDC is under greater scrutiny for an audit that pointed out mismanagement and an FBI investigation.
Temporiti's term would end in October 2012.
In April, Nixon first appointed Temporiti to the Missouri Development Finance Board. But it appears that appointment was never acted upon.

UPDATED 1:33 AM: GOP REACTS: "Not content in rewarding his campaign contributors with lucrative fee offices, Jay Nixon continues appointing moneyed insiders with plum government positions," said Mo. GOP Executive Director Lloyd Smith. "The latest example, (John Temporiti) comes a week after bipartisan criticism over Nixon's failure to end political patronage for license offices."

"Temporiti, the past chairman of the Missouri Democratic Party, former lobbyist and current treasurer of Charley Dooley's campaign committee, has solicited extraordinary amounts of money from the same politically influential developers he will work for every day at the MHDC," said Smith.

Among other appointments announced Tuesday, Nixon named Howell County presiding commissioner Larry Spence to the Missouri Public Entity Risk Management Fund. That fund operates a shared risk pool for public entities offering coverage plans which are reliable alternatives to traditional insurance policies.

Spence's term is slated to end in July of 2012.

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