Tuesday, July 07, 2009

VIDEO: Schweich Promises Significant Endorsements

"I'm seeing it through to the end . . .
. . . And I think I'm going to win"
Trumpeting an impressive resume and heightening the importance of a diligent watchdog to keep track of a record amount of federal stimulus money, former U.S. ambassador Tom Schweich launched his campaign for state auditor Tuesday, trading one GOP primary for another.

Schweich coupled his international ambassador experience with his legal expertise to make the case that he's the most qualified person to comb the state books. He implied that the 2010 Auditor race would be even more important than usual because of the fallout from the infusion of the economic stimulus money and signaled that a Republican was needed as a proper check and balance to offset the Democratic influence of President Obama, Gov. Jay Nixon and Sen. Claire McCaskill.
Schweich dismissed concerns that he's not a certified public accountant and instead focused on his legal degree, which he earned from Harvard Law. After discussing his earlier consideration of a U.S. Senate race, he promised to stay "in the race for good."
Schweich's entrance into the race immediately sets up a GOP primary battle with Rep. Allen Icet, who currently serves as Budget Chair in the State House.


In our interview, Schweich would not reveal what prominent state officials would be endorsing his campaign. But it's expected that Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder could officially throw his support behind Schweich within the next few weeks. "You'll see who they'll be," Schweich said.

Schweich declined to discuss who paid for the plane for his flyaround.
ON MATCHING UP WITH ICET: "The Auditor is really not about appropriations . . . I think if you look at my resume and his resume, I pretty clearly have the edge . . ."
ON WHAT REASONS VOTERS HAVE TO OUST DEMOCRATIC AUDITOR SUSAN MONTEE: "When you've got money going from President Obama to Claire McCaskill to Jay Nixon, I think you want a Republican auditing that money."
PLUS: Poo-poos accountant credentials, notes McCaskill wasn't a CPA either.

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Dave said...

I love how all of the videos on the web that have Schweich's speeches from yesterday have one thing in common: no attendees!

It seems that thus far the grassroots support from the people that matter the most: the citizens of Missouri, just aren't looking to Schweich. The crowds just aren't turning out;

Perhaps it goes back to the fact that he's so rude when answering questions about accountability - one of the chief goals of the state auditor.

Personally, I didn't like how he offensively said he would not answer the question of whose plane is he flying in nor who is traveling with him as he tours the state announcing his candidacy (see second video on post).