Friday, July 10, 2009

The Left Comes After Claire is rallying its members to pressure Sen. Claire McCaskill on her reluctance to support the House's climate and energy bill known as "cap and trade."

In a letter, writes: "Several times recently, Senator Claire McCaskill has repeated Republican talking points that President Obama's big clean energy jobs plan is bad for the economy. Clean energy is the solution for Missouri's economy, not the problem. Call Sen. McCaskill today and tell her clean energy jobs are exactly what Missouri's economy needs. Senator Claire McCaskill Phone: 202-224-6154."
The letter also urges members to post to Twitter and Facebook and provides an example: "Call Sen. McCaskill @clairecmc today, 202-224-6154: Stop repeating Republican talking points; support clean energy jobs for MO."
The letter goes on to say that McCaskill has "repeatedly and inaccurately" said the energy bill will "punish businesses and families in coal-dependent states." "But if the Obama plan is going to pass, we need senators like Claire McCaskill to stop repeating myths that clean energy will hurt Missouri's economy," it reads.
McCaskill has said she couldn't support the House bill in its current form, and has even predicted trouble with the left of her party.


Andrew said...

Poor, poor Claire whatever should she do? This is what happens when you ally yourself with the extreme left. Eventually reason and the rest of the country catches up to you.

News2K said...

This is a perfect example of why I like Claire. We she believes in something she stands for it, even if it makes the "lefties" upset with her. Too often politicians on both sides of the aisle don't do what they really think is correct for fear they will be admonished. Thus, we are a weaker country because of it.

gumshoe said...

Coal... to protect Missouri and our future.