Monday, July 27, 2009

Can Primaries Help A Party?

Barack Obama had a tough one -- and it worked out pretty well.

So did Kenny Hulshof . . . not so much.

Which raises the age old argument: Do primaries help or hurt a party?

In our interview with new U.S. Senate candidate Chuck Purgason, the Howell County State Senator makes the case that primaries can be a good thing.

"I think the best thing you can do is get, the more people the merrier to run in a primary," Purgason said. "It's only the candidates that can divide the party," he added.

Purgason then noted the infamous 1992 G.O.P. primary for Governor -- when Roy Blunt was the "outsider" who ran a rough-and-tumble primary campaign against Bill Webster and Wendell Bailey. The race is known among longtime Missouri politicos as the nastiest in recent GOP history.

"I don't have to run that type of primary," Purgason said.


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*More clips from my one-on-one with Purgason will be posted throughout the week*

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