Friday, July 17, 2009

Bond Points to Black Chamber Study on Cap & Trade

Sen. Kit Bond pointed to a study by the National Black Chamber of Commerce Thursday to bolster his case that cap and trade energy legislation would hurt Missouri.

The Chamber study estimates that the bill would cut net employment by 2.5 million jobs a year. It also finds that the average Missouri family would lose $800 of its "purchasing power" by 2030, as a result of the bill.

"Cap and trade is a double-barreled shotgun of lost jobs and higher energy taxes pointed at the Midwest and South," said Bond. "Because some do not like these findings, some may try to question the integrity of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, but I do not. What I question is how we would even consider killing 2.5 million net jobs across America when we are in the middle of the worst recession since World War II and suffering high unemployment," Bond added.

Reuters notes that the study added the touchy topic of race relations into the already contentious debate over climate change: "At a hearing to discuss the economic impact of legislation to combat global warming, the head of an African-American business organization accused Environment and Public Works Committee Chairwoman Barbara Boxer of being "racial" and "condescending." During a tense exchange, Harry Alford of the National Black Chamber of Commerce said he objected to Boxer bringing up other African-American groups as a contrast to the arguments he was making at the hearing."

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