Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Webster/Laclede County Electric Line Up Against Dem Energy Bill

Officials from Webster Electric Cooperative and Laclede Electric Cooperative tell The Marshfield Mail that Democratic legislation aimed at curbing greenhouse gases "will do nothing to fix a more imminent threat than pollution – the availability of electricity."
"Legislators aren’t calling it a tax, but that’s exactly what it is," said Byron Dudley, Laclede Electric Cooperative public relations manager.
"The thing is, the money is not going to go to solving the issue," said Webster Electric Cooperative manager Tom Houston, adding that customers could see rate increases between $20 and $50 dollars a month if the legislation passes.
Read the entire Marshfield Mail piece HERE.
PLUS: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic leaders are racing to round up votes needed to pass a comprehensive energy and global warming bill.
Congressman Roy Blunt is quoted in the NYT article, saying the bill would raise energy prices "from Pittsburgh to Wyoming" because those parts of the country are most reliant on coal.
"Only liberals in this Congress would figure out a way not to use this," Blunt said about coal use in the bill.

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