Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Skelton Defends Voting Down Missile Defense Funds

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Ike Skelton defended a committee vote that shot down an amendment to spend an additional $1.2 billion dollars on missile defense programs in 2010.

The 36 to 26 vote against the extra funding was part of the committee's work on the 2010 Defense Authorization bill.

"For too many years, we have not taken a balanced approach to missile defense," said Rep. Skelton. "We have spent far too much money on programs that do not protect us from the threats that truly exist."

The move comes on the same day that President Obama called North Korea "a grave threat" to the world.

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True said...

This is a typical Skelton vote. The current breed of democrat wants, and has it both ways due to the inattention of constituents. One one hand, President Obama and others, including Skelton, have bloviated about the threat from North Korea and Iran, who are both in the missile business. But, when it comes down to it, they kow tow to their leftist backers who want the United States to resemble Argentina.
Skelton's 4th District constituents should be asking themselves: Is the congressman truly capable of performing his duties? Look at his pronouncements on some YouTube videos and consider that he lacked the temerity to debate me in the last election cycle...I can tell you that his chief of staff won't let him talk to anyone for any length of time. Or, is he simply, as I have said for so long, just pretending to keep his seat.

Jeff Parnell
Republican Nominee for 4th District U.S. Congress, 2008