Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Purgason Exploring Senate Bid "For Silent Majority"

State Sen. Chuck Purgason said Wednesday he's exploring a 2010 U.S. Senate bid in order to potentially represent "a silent majority" of conservatives upset with the fiscal state of the country.
Purgason, who represents the far eastern portion of the KY3 viewing area in the State Senate, said he's been mulling the idea of a Senate campaign since Sen. Kit Bond announced his retirement plans.
"It seems like people are hungry for someone to tell them the truth and offer real leadership when it comes to the deficit," Purgason said in an interview with The Notebook Wednesday.
In a release sent to reporters earlier Wednesday, Purgason said the GOP bears "some of the blame of the things that are happening today."
"We have forgotten our values, what we stand for, and what made us a great nation. In the past few years, the leaders we sent to Washington did not stand up for our values of smaller government and more freedoms but instead became part of the problem rather than the solution. As a result, we have become a Party without a true base and a vacancy in real leadership," Purgason's release reads.
When asked if he places some of the blame on Congressman and U.S. Senate candidate Roy Blunt, Purgason said he just sees "Washington as business as usual."
"I think the Republican party had a great opportunity a few years ago with control of the House, the Senate and the presidency to get our financial house in order, and I'm disappointed that didn't happen," Purgason said, never mentioning Blunt by name.
"In order to shake up Washington, I think we just might need a new, fresh face," he said. "I think the silent majority is a very powerful force. I think there are a lot of people who are disgusted about the direction we're going, with the spending and the bailouts . . . I just want to go out and talk to people," Purgason added.
Purgason said he has not consulted with much of the top Republican establishment about his potential campaign. He said a few close friends who are considered about the growing deficit urged him to consider it.
"I really haven't ever paid attention to a lot of those people to say yes or no to do anything," Purgason said, referring to the GOP hierarchy. "I have the mindset that instead of sitting back and griping, I'll do it on my own."
Purgason said he hasn't talked to Blunt about his potential plans either. He said the Congressman asked him for his support at a GOP Lincoln Day event, but that Purgason told Blunt he couldn't support him "at that time."

Purgason said he's "in no hurry" to make a decision on a run.
It's not clear if his personal timeline with be more Schweichish or Steelmanesque.
Former ambassador Tom Schweich has taken his name out of the running for a Senate bid. Sarah Steelman said she's still "seriously considering" a Senate run of her own.
For more on Purgason, check out his political website HERE.

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maximus bevo said...

Chuck Purgason is the real deal. An authentic conservative who has stood up for fiscal accoutability and restraint in Jefferson City...and stood up to members of BOTH parties who would prefer to spend, spend, spend.

I wish Mr. Purgason well in his endeavor.