Thursday, June 11, 2009


KY3 News played 3 questions with Sen. Claire McCaskill Thursday ---
*Watch her answers ABOVE*
Q1: On "Pay as you Go", why should the Obama administration be taken seriously when it has already spent $787 billion dollars on a stimulus package? Hasn't the debt already been racked up?
McCaskill: "If people don't think the President is serious, they ought to vote for the law and watch him sign it into law . . . It can't be a p.r. stunt if we're saying, 'let's pass the law, and I'll sign it.'"
Q2: Democratic Budget Chair Kent Conrad has said he doesn't think it's realistic for Obama to cut the debt in half, do you think that's realistic?
McCaskill: "Whether we will be able to cut the debt in half in 4 years will depend a lot on how successful we've been at motivating the economy with the stimulus . . ."
Q3: On GITMO -- Do you believe it would be safe to house some of the prisoners in Missouri? Is that something you would support?
McCaskill: "Truth be known, terrorist prisoners have been in Springfield, Mo. at the hospital on a number of occasions . . . Question is, do we have to bring them here? I hope not."
Later in the day, the Missouri GOP issued a release criticizing McCaskill for "scolding Missourians for their continued opposition" to President Obama's GITMO plan.
"Claire McCaskill scolded Missourians for opposing the closure of the Guantanamo Bay terrorist detention facility, but less than a month ago, she was one of 90 Senators who voted to prohibit funding to bring terrorists to the United States. McCaskill can’t seem to make up her mind,” said Lloyd Smith, Executive Director of the Missouri Republican Party.

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