Monday, May 11, 2009

Steelman Reacts To Schweich

"Let's Try Having A Little Competition"
Still unannounced Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Sarah Steelman welcomes Tom Schweich to the fray after the St. Louis lawyer tells reporters he's considering a candidacy for U.S. Senate.
In an e-mail to The Notebook, Steelman, who seems likely to run for the seat but has not made any official announcement, said she was glad to see Shweich (pronounced SHW-IKE) taking an interest.

"The US Senate is a very important office and I am glad to see Mr. Schweich taking an interest in it. I don't know what he stands for yet so I will be interested in learning his views about the role of government," said Steelman. "I think the Republican Party needs to embrace people who are willing to run for office instead of letting political power brokers who are more interested in profiting off of government and retaining their power hand pick someone for the job. Let's try having a little competition in the free market of ideas in the Republican Party instead of a monopoly," Steelman added.

Schweich said Monday that he will seriously consider a race for Senate and plans to talk to Republicans across the state over the next month before he decides.


Braden said...

Nothing like listening to self-financed millionaire power brokers complain about other power brokers. Here is news, despite Steelman spending, what, a million dollars of power broker trial lawyer money to tell her story, she lost because tens of thoughsands of independent Missourians voted for Rep. Huslhof instead of her. The voters spoke. The only monopoly going on around here is one on her whining. Cong. Blunt and others have won elections because the people have voted for them and I don't think those voters should be scorned because Steelman doesn't like that they prefered her competitors.

gumshoe said...

I hope Republicans like you keep up that attitude within the party.

Keep running folks like Roy Blunt and Kenny Hulshof, and the general electorate will keep voting in people like Carnahan and Nixon.

Sarah Kenwood said...

Braden, competition is good, but agree that Sarah Steelman being so sanctimonious about politics is not. Sounds like a sore primary campaign loser which is beneath someone of her achievement. Some say her husband is still made from losing in 1992, who knows. We know she is against Missouri elected officials on the Republican side. Republicans should stay tuned and see if they ever hear her critique a big-spending Democrat, or the agenda of the unions or trial lawyers. Republicans could use less of a divisive candidate right now.