Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nodler's Turn

Joplin State Sen. Gary Nodler will make an announcement about the 7th Congressional District seat this Thursday, the KY3 Political Notebook has learned.

Nodler is slated to hold a 2 p.m. event at Granny Shaffer's Continental Banquet Center on 2728 N. Range Line in Joplin to make his political decision public.

Although he hasn't yet confirmed it, Nodler is expected to jump into the 2010 campaign for Roy Blunt's seat against Sen. Jack Goodman, auctioneer Billy Long, Greene County prosecutor Darrell Moore and college instructor Jeff Wisdom.

Last month, a private poll showed Nodler carrying the highest name identification in the 7th District.


Toria said...

Why did Ky3 give Sonia Sotomayer
the most consertive indroduction of her to Our Area People? Why couldn't she have been treated much more realisticly. MSNBC,CNN,National NBC and PBS all had a much more even handed treatment of Soyna Sotomayer. She is fully expected to be seated in the fall. That's from NBC national news.

Paul Seale said...

So, uh Dave.

Where did you happen to find that snazzy map graphic?