Monday, May 18, 2009

McCaskill: More Stimulus Money In The Mail

Seniors and some disabled veterans will soon see a check in the mail from the federal government as a result of the stimulus package, Sen. Claire McCaskill announced Monday.
The one-time $250 check is designed to help put some more money in the pockets of seniors during the economic downturn.

McCaskill's office says the following groups will receive the check:
  • Retirees and disabled individuals receiving Social Security
  • Disabled veterans receiving benefits from the VA
  • Railroad retirement beneficiaries
Payments have begun and will continue throughout May. Seniors don't need to do anything; checks will be sent to them automatically.

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Steve said...

I've been so disappointed with Senator McCaskill since she aligned with the President-to-be. Initially, as a Republican, I thought she did a very good job representing all Missourians - from the conservative to the Democrat side. (Remember when she was anti-pork?) But now, she basically just tows the party line, in my opinion; it looks to me like she's chosen her future career security over her current job description.