Friday, May 29, 2009

Goodman Suggests Nodler Is "Business As Usual"

When asked Friday what separates him from Gary Nodler, Sen. Jack Goodman replied: "fiscal conservatism," without elaborating on specifics.
On Thursday, when posed the same question, Nodler said that he was the most experienced candidate in the field. "He has obviously less experience," Nodler replied, referring to Goodman.
Goodman pointed out that the time the two have served in the state legislature is the same. Both were first elected in 2002: Nodler to the Senate; Goodman to the House. (Goodman moved to the Senate after a special election in 2005.)
"I think the real distinction between the two of us is that I am not here to bring more politics and business as usual," Goodman said. When asked to elaborate, Goodman sidestepped specifics other than to say, "One area of distinction between the two of us is probably fiscal conservatism." VID ALERT: (Rep. Charlie Denison, seen in the background, apparently agrees. Check out his nod.)

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