Friday, May 29, 2009

Nixon "Truly Undecided" on Helmet Law Repeal

Gov. Jay Nixon says he has not yet decided on whether he will sign a bill that includes a provision repealing the mandatory motorcycle helmet law in Missouri.
The Governor also denied making any commitments to any group saying he would sign the legislation.
On May 21st, The Associated Press reported that a member of the Freedom of Road Riders claimed Nixon told him personally he would sign the legislation. Asked about that report in Springfield this week, Nixon replied, "I've made no commitments to anybody."
"I will have to say that as we sit here I'm glad I have a few more weeks to study it," said Nixon. "I'm truly undecided, David, on what I'm going to do on that."
Notes he's a "government least-government best guy," but says he's also weighing health concerns
"Ultimately it comes down to a pretty lonely decision," Nixon acknowledged.


SNL's Chad Livengood asks Nixon if he's ever ridden a motorcycle. He says he has. The Notebook follows up with, "Did you wear a helmet?" Yucks all around.

Nixon then sort of goes into a Mitt Romneyesque "varmits" rant --
"I've shot birds . . . I've caught fish . . . I slam-dunked a volleyball once."


mike said...

The worst kind of politician is one who won't do what he promises and can't make up his mind. This case has been proved time and again. The people have spoken, now sign the bill

agraves said...

Would you support a law requiring everyone to wear a helmet to ride a bicycle? At the comparative speeds a helmet will do you more good on a bike than a cycle. Even the manufacturers admit above speeds of 13-14 mph a helmet doesn't do you any good. If someone wants to ride without a helmet, let them. The important thing in this bill is the other part. The one that says insurance companies can't assign fault based on the fact that you are on a motorcycle. People should wake up! Someone is clouding this issue so we don't see the really important part of this bill.