Sunday, April 12, 2009

Week 13: Nixon's Grade


If we learned one thing from the SurveyUSA polling of Governor Jay Nixon this week, it's this: His power and popularity stems from being a pragmatic, white-toast Midwest moderate. 60% of Missourians approve of the job the Governor is doing, just three months into his young term. But even more eye-popping is that 62% of self-described "independents" and 49% of Republicans are saluting his work thus far. Seems like his own party may be his weakest spot (Just 71% of Dems approve). Sure, there's grumbling on the left. "He proposes a budget that only partially restores the cuts . . . He seems to not care about us," writes a disappointed liberal from Jefferson City. But in pure political terms -- where do they have to go? A challenge from his left in Missouri? Think again. And the Senate seems to be coming along at just the right time for Nixon. Last week, he got approval of his plan to expand college scholarships to more high school students. Appropriations Chair Gary Nodler is doing media pushing the Governor's healthcare expansion after a harsh House rejection. And the Guv even took time to advocate for adorable puppies in St. Louis. We get three times the calls on abused animal stories compared to anything else. It never hurts to have your picture on televisions across the state, seen standing up for dogs.

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Sunny Boy said...

If you're a Union worker his grade is an A- if you're in business for yourself and aren't making a lot of money his grade is a C- at best. I've lost a lot of respect for this man- the Democrats have made it very hard to vote for them with all of this spending, the Min. Wage, and confusion over what to do with the economy among other critical situations that we're all facing. Then there are the Republicans. They have no alternate plans- they just oppose Nixon & Obama- where's the plan that they want to present? The silence is deafening. For those of us caught in the middle of these two parties, it's like living with 2 parents that don't get along- the kids suffer. We really need a 3rd party to referee and come up with viable solutions that don't favor Unions & CEO's.