Monday, April 20, 2009

Bond Hearts Teddy; Corker Likes Claire

The Hill lists which Democrats Republican Senators find to be the "most bipartisan."
Sen. Kit Bond chose Sens. Barbara Mikulski and Sen. Murray as well as two liberals from the Northeast. "I've worked very well with Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd on children's issues. I worked very well with many members last year with FISA, to keep it on track. We don't have to agree on a lot of things or even if we disagree on most things, we can work together on the issues where we agree," Bond told the D.C.-based publication.
Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee chose Sen. Claire McCaskill as one of his pals across the aisle. "I've co-sponsored a number of things with Claire McCaskill, and I'm working with Jim Webb on some things. Claire and I have some mutual interests in legislation that have worked well for us," Corker said.
Embattled Kentucky Sen. Jim Bunning was the only Republican who didn't list a single Dem.

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