Monday, December 08, 2008

PharmaTimes Mislabels Emerson "A Democrat"

A pharmaceutical publication mislabeled Rep. Jo Ann Emerson a "Democrat" in an article about a possible change in leadership at the Food and Drug Administration.
"A leading US politician has told President-elect Barack Obama that "a complete change" is needed in the leadership of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as the agency’s current senior staff are "too close with the industries they regulate, creating a question of whom they are working for," reads the lede in the PharmaTimes article.
The "leading politician" they refer to isn't Emerson. She's mentioned later in the article, as a possible supporter of former Pfizer vice president Peter Rost, for FDA Commissioner.
"He has made public his interest in the agency top job and is being supported by Democrat Sherrod Brown, the junior Senator from Ohio, with whom he has campaigned for imports of cheaper prescription drugs from Canada, and by Missouri Democrat Representative Jo Ann Emerson," reads the article.
Emerson, of course, is a Republican.

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